Rwanda Dairy Development Project (RDDP) is a Project of the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal resources which was recently launched in March 2020 in Gatsibo District as new intervention area. The Project objective is to increase competitiveness and profitability of the dairy sector for the provision of quality products from small scale producers to domestic and regional consumers, thus improving their livelihoods, food security and increase of milk consumption at household level.

Gatsibo District is known as the low rainfall and high temperatures region that limit the availability of water and this has a negative impact on the quantity and quality of milk production. 

From 8th -9th June 2020, the field visit was conducted in Rwimbogo and Kabarore sectors with the main objective of coaching farmers in harvesting, storage activities of forage to be used during dry season (June –September). The individual farmer named BOSSA Godfrey located in Kabarore Sector started forage harvesting activity and he told me that he expected to store at least 60,000 Tons of hay for Chloris Gayana. 

    Harvesting activity of forage                                                

This activity was also ongoing in Rwimbogo Sector where visited farmers have some reserve of forage which has been stored during last dry season and they are advised to increase the quantity of forage stored.

 nmiiu  Photo showing Hay in storage/ Rwimbogo Sector

Furthermore, during this field visit farmers were mobilized on the Project opportunities through developed business plans. Therefore after visiting them in their farms and assessing the problems they faced relating to the shortage of water, four farmers were helped to do their business plans under RDDP support through which cows will always find water without making long distance, and this will increase milk production in quantity and quality.      


Photo showing problem of shortage of water in Gatsibo Farms

Done by: 

RDDP Field Officer- Gatsibo District